Thursday, September 6, 2012

Our First Week

Our first week has been busy/hard, but we have gotten to meet some wonderful little kids that we already love and are excited to take care of. Our flight went well and we got to Eldoret without any trouble. Thanks for all of the prayers and encouragement ! The second day we got here they went and picked up five more children Karen, Asa, Jacob, Enoch, and Elias. We have had a lot of fun playing with them and getting to know them. Then on Monday morning when we woke up we found out Job had passed during the night. He had come to the home with stomach problems and was advised by the doctors just to keep feeding him protein but he did not get better. He was the sweetest little boy you would ever meet. He always wanted to sit in our laps and hold our hands, and he was my little helper the first few days when i didn't know where to find anything. Even though we couldn't understand each other because he only speaks Swahili, he would take me by the hand and show me where to go :) . I know he is in heaven with Jesus without his stomach pains anymore but it still has been a very sad week. We just got back from his funeral a few minutes ago. Please also be in prayer for Rachel. She came to the home with meningitis and now they think she may have cerebral palsy. We start Swahili lessons on Monday for an hour a day ! Please be in prayer for that also. We don't have internet regularly so we will try and update as we can. We have taken some pictures and will try and get them uploaded soon.

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  1. I love you both and miss you terribly. I was so sad to hear about Job! I wanted to call and console you but realized that is not an option,neither has Facebook been since my computer refuses to load it. I now have a smart phone and plan to stay on top of all of your updates. Love-chels