Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hey everyone ! Sorry we have not updated in a while ! We will try and do better ! We can’t believe its already been 2 months ! We have had a busy month this month ! We added the 3 new girls to the home and all of the children are doing great ! We ask though that you continue to keep baby Rachel in your prayers. We took her for a CT scan a few weeks ago and they said she had severe brain atrophy and she would probably never walk or talk. She has made some improvements since then so please continue to pray for her healing !

Yesterday we got to go see a friend Alex who works here at the home as a night guard, and is Peters brother, at the hospital where his wife just had a baby. This was their fourth ! They named her Favor. The biggest culture shock is that she had the baby at 11:30 and was being discharged to go home at 3:30 ! They just had to pay their bill and then they were going home ! When we told them most women in America usually stay a couple of nights they laughed and joked that his wife still had to get home to do the laundry !

We got the opportunity to go visit a slum that is located about 15 minutes away from us a few weeks ago. After talking to many of the women there they said that their greatest needs are food, jobs, and education for their children. We are hoping to begin a feeding program there and also provide ways for them to be able to grow their own food in the future. Also to start classes for them to learn skills to be able to make money for their families. We hope to go visit some programs that have been successful in nearby towns to get ideas and see how they have been able to sustain what they are doing. Hopefully by our next newsletter we will have some information to share with you and get this program going soon ! Thanks for all of the prayers and support ! We will try and update again soon !

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