Saturday, August 10, 2013

Update on Sukananga

I know it's been a while since we have updated but I wanted to let everyone know what was going on with the women in the slum ! Thanks to a couples donation we were able to send money to Alex who had been there at the beginning of the feeding program with us and took over when we left. He was able to get the women two sewing machines to give the women opportunities to make money for their families. They are being taught how to sew and are selling their creations on Fridays at the market. They have been so excited and thankful. He also took some of the money for the church Jerry preached at that was planted while we were there in a city about an hour and a half away. They are continuing to grow and there are about 150 + members there now. We just received another donation and are sending it next week so hopefully another sewing machine or two can be purchased. Just wanted to say thanks for all of the prayers and giving along the way. None of it would have been possible with out you. You don't know how much you have impacted these lives on the other side of the world !!!! Thank you !

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