Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We have had a busy November ! Jerry has preached at several churches close to our home here in Eldoret and has been asked to lead a conference here soon ! So he is excited about that ! He has a gift and Im glad hes getting to use it, and it makes me happy to see him happy ! Here is a picture of Jerry preaching last sunday with Peter translating in Swahili for him !

And here is a picture of what I had looking at me the whole time :) Its been hard getting used to little kids staring at you for hours because they haven't seen many white people before!
Its like the little kids think they cant get close to you all they can do is stare at you, and the few braves ones that come up to you and shake your hand run laughing just as soon as you do!

Jerry has been helping build a playground for the children. This is a photo of the playground in progress.

The kids are going to love it when its done ! And it almost is ! We are excited for them to get to play on it.

We also are still in the planning stages of trying to start a feeding program in a slum about 15 minutes away. We have had some ups and downs but we would really like to help them. If you want to donate to that please contact us and we will make sure every penny goes directly to that. When we went to the slum the village elder brought 60 families that were very needy, some having HIV, some being all orphans being raised by their oldest sibling. Right now we are thinking we can only provide for 10 families if that.

Thank you for reading and keeping up with us! We appreciate all the prayers and encouragement ! If you could pray for Jerry and I now we both have been having colds/breathing problems ! Thank you !

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