Monday, December 31, 2012


Hey guys. Things are going great over here in Eldoret, Kenya. We have had a wonderful year here in 2012 and can not wait to see what God has in store for us in 2013. We have a lot of high dreams and ambitions for 2013. We are going to begin doing some pastoral training, and also in April we will be doing a conference for over 100 Kenyan pastors. We will also be planting 4 new churches in 2013. But, the reason I am writing today is to talk about something that we are very excited about! We are just a week away from launching our new ministry in the slum of Sukunaanga. Sukunaanga is a slum about 5 min away from where we live. It is home to thousands of people that are living in extreme poverty and harsh conditions. We have spent the last several months surveying this slum and trying to come up with the best way to minister to these people. We have selected 125 people that we initially want to begin ministering to in this slum. We are going to start a Children's Church right in the middle of the slum, which we are really looking forward to. These children are such a blessing to be around. We can't wait to see what God does. In addition to the Children's Church, we will begin supplying the families with an innovative way of farming called "bagriculture." We are going to supply each family with 3 burlap sacks that will be filled with compost, dirt, and fertilizer. These bags will have seeds of various fruits and vegetables placed in them so that they can grow. This system of farming is very cheap and reproducible and is not a "handout." The people will take care of the plants themselves. The only thing that we will be providing is the initial supplies to begin, and the training for the families so that they will know how to properly take care of the plants themselves. Since these people don't own any land, this system of farming allows them to grow food for themselves in a very limited confined space. In addition to the church and farming, we will also be providing vocational training for these families on how to sow and make soap. This will give the families the opportunity to earn money for themselves and not be reliant on American funds. Also, we will start assembling counseling teams from nearby churches surrounding the slum so that they can minister to the families in the slum to help empower them to have the tools to live Godly, moral, and prosperous lives. Finally, we will be providing "for a stated limited time of 6 months" enough maize to feed these families. The families will know from day one that their stipend of maize will only last for 6 months to give them time to begin growing their own food and have the vocational training to be capable to start earning money for themselves. We ask that you join us in prayer as it is our hope to see this slum completely transformed by the power of God. God bless! A link below is to a site we are using to raise money for the feeding programme and for the conferences to be held! Please just copy and paste it in your browser if you are interested !

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