Saturday, January 12, 2013

Just a few thoughts

Jesus calls us to take up our cross for him and to die to this world daily. But I never thought it would take me so far from home. When I first felt the calling to move to Africa about 8 years ago I easily wrote it off because I am a picky eater and how could I survive in a country where I thought there would be nothing I would eat. This feeling kept popping up over the years and by the time I met my husband Jerry, and it was the third influential person in my life that felt led to Africa, I knew God was up to something and I couldn't deny Him anymore. So full of fear Jerry and I set out looking for opportunities to serve in Africa. When our first attempt fell thru I felt relief, but again that feeling came back that this is what I was supposed to do and I needed to trust God. We started the look again and found another organization and everything started falling into place. One day we contacted them and by the next day we had a phone interview and everything else just fell in to place from there. In less than a year from our feeling this is what God has called us to do as a couple we are living in Eldoret, Kenya helping to take care of these wonderful children the world calls orphans but God calls his own and thinks they are precious. Now 4 months into it I still have my days of Why would he chose me? Which is very selfish. The bible says you will have to leave your father and mother to follow him. But I never knew how hard it would be, and whats worse is feeling like you have caused them pain. But I know there is something I needed to come here to learn from this. Whether it be giving up earthly desires or learning not to care what people think of me, or learning from these precious children what it means to have childlike faith and trust in God I will probably never know this side of Heaven. And Im learning to be ok with that. The most important thing is to be obedient to Him. If I had lived the rest of my life not listening to that feeling and denying Him I dont believe he would have punished me, but I would have lived the rest of my life wondering if I had disobeyed God or wondering what if ? So as scary as a calling you may feel on your life is just trust in Him. And instead of spending so much time asking Why me ? , We should be saying I can't believe its me He is using ! So all I have to ask is, Is there something thats been on your heart you have felt called to do but you are to scared or you think God couldn't use you ?

He can use anyone with an obedient heart. You just have to say Yes !

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