Monday, January 14, 2013

The African Family Crisis

Okay, My wife and I have now been living in Eldoret, Kenya as missionaries for almost 5 months. In this time, we have learned a lot about life here in Kenya. One thing is for sure, that Kenyan life is hard. Kenya has got a long list of serious problems ranging from extreme poverty, a terrible economic situation, unemployment, aids, orphans, single-parent families, and a long list of other problems. This is just my opinion, but I believe that most of these problems relate to the breakdown of the "God-designed family." (quickly, I want to note that in no way am I trying to judge or condemn the people here in Kenya, as I love them very much and my wife and I have given our lives to come and minister here.) But, I do believe that in order for this wonderful country to be resurrected, people here will have to start honoring the way that God designed for a family to be. Of course, every nation has these problems whether it is China, America, France, or any other country, but since I live in Kenya and have seen the problems first hand, that is what I want to focus on. When God created man, he gave him one wife, and Eve had one husband. God did not feel the need to create for Adam a second wife, nor did he feel the need to create for Eve a second husband. In short, God intended for one man to be with one woman. Also, we know that parents are responsible for raising and loving the children that they have. It burdens my heart when I see so many bad situations over here that simply look hopeless and could all be solved if men and women would choose to have "God Designed Families". A single mother who is trying to raise 7 different children by herself, whom she has had with 5 different men. A husband who has left his wife and turned into a drunkard. Children who are abandoned, because the mother simply does not have the money to take care of the child. A woman who lives in utter depression because she is HIV positive. Children that are abandoned, because they are HIV postive. Countless families, that are living in the "slums" and starving b/c they don't have enough money to buy food. "Street Children" who walk around begging for money all day and sniffing glue to "get high" and suppress their appetite. The bible says, "that the wages of sin are death" and I believe that most of the problems we see in Kenya are a result of sin. But we are not here to condemn. We are here to save and minister. In short, I know that God has an incredible love for these people and desires to see this Country saved. Now, I want to talk about what needs to be done. In short, I believe most of these problems can be solved if families would stick together. People need to be reached by the word of God. Husbands need to be committed, loving, and gentle to their wives. Wives need to be the same to their husbands. These parents need to stick together and raise the Children they have decided to have. Also, people need to be educated on birth control, and planned parenthood. I don't think we have the right to tell a family how many children they should have, but I think it would be wise if families would consider whether or not having another child is what God's will is. Can they provide for him? feed him? pay for her school fees? Please join me in prayer, that all families here would be reconciled. But, lets realize the situation we are in. These bad situations are terrible and very real, but I believe that God can redeem anything. We need people that are willing to give their lives to come and counsel these people on how to live Godly lives, and give these people hope with the Good news of Jesus Christ. We need people that are willing to come and start business's so that husbands will have jobs to support their family. We need people that are willing to come over and do medical missions (especially to minister to people with HIV) and let them know that their lives are not over. We need people that are willing to invest money into organizations that are trying to make a difference over here. We need ministries that are both meeting the direct needs of the people here, and also being proactive about killing the root of the problem. Also, we need people that are willing to come and minister in the slums which are the poorest of the poor here in Kenya. Finally, we need people who are willing to come and start orphanages like the one we work with "Children with Hope". I believe that if we do these things that the next generation here in Kenya can have a very bright future. I pray that the next generation of Kenyans will be Godly men and women that will begin to transform their country. They will be people of faith, who are good husbands and wives. They will be Christians that have blessed business's. Their will be Christians that God raises up to work in Politics and serve to meet the needs of Kenyans rather than strive to gain power and control. They will be a people that has a strong Church that ministers to its own people, and also sends people out to transform bordering countries. More than anything, what we need is the supernatural power of God to transform this city.... SO please join us in praying that Kenya would be transformed, and be a light to other nations in the future. Also, please pray about being a part of the transformation of this country by donating to ministries that are trying to make a difference like: or I would also like to hear any thoughts you might have on the best way to minister to these people here?

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